Go upstairs as if you were walking on clouds!

Each step on your staircase will get all of our team’s attention so the flooring pieces are perfect to make your staircase beautiful and completely safe.

Make your staircase beautiful with the best professionals working in Massachusetts and the area!

How it works

Our team will use the correct equipment for the flooring installation that will be done on your staircase because we know gluing down each of the pieces demands complete attention. For this reason we follow each part of the process carefully, analyzing each and every one of the parts after finishing.

Before starting to glue down your steps, we verify if there are any factors that can compromise its integrity as well as the staircase appearance. Afterwards, when everything is checked, we execute the flooring installation that will make your staircase wonderful.


Are you looking for highly capable professionals to install your staircase flooring?

We listed below some of the reasons why you should hire us:


Over 35 years of experience

Punctuality and commitment

Professionalism and exclusive assistance

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Over 35 years executing 100% satisfying flooring services that transformed hundreds of Massachusetts families’ lives. Those families live now in a much more cozy, safe, comfortable, practical space, and with certainty the service done by our team will last for many more years because Tidis Hardwood Floor is, and will always be, the only option for those who want qualified services for their floorings.

We are partners with high quality products suppliers, providing, this way, excellency through our services, but also professionalism, ability and our team experience to execute each of the services impeccably.

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